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Premium Paneling provides high quality walk-in coolers, freezers and combination units at competitive prices. These installations are used for all types of cold storage such as restaurants, food service, manufacturers, convenience stores, florists, grocery stores, warehouses, schools and financial institutions.


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Our walk-in units are constructed to the customer’s specific needs. Each panel is engineered to provide reliable and efficient assembly. All walk-ins are pre-assembled at our manufacturing facility to assure all locking mechanisms and panels join together efficiently. The end result is a quality, sealed walk-in unit when assembled at its final destination. Our panels are then packaged to ensure a safe arrival at your job site. With these unbeatable qualities and customization elements offered at reasonable prices, Premium Paneling is the best choice to fulfill all of your walk-in needs.

Walk – INS Cooler, Freezer & Combo 

Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Our walk –ins are greatly customizable and are very easy to expand. We provide high quality polyurethane panels with a different thickness of panels – 4″, 6″, or 8” with different skin metals. From painted steel to stainless steel, all our panels use foamed-in-place technology.  

We do not limit our products by standard sizes. We will make any walk – in cooler or freezer to meet our costumer’s space requirements at the same low price.

We can provide full service from completion with installation and refrigeration hookup. All of our installation teams are trained by our factory specialists.


Different walk-ins are suitable for the diriment types of applications.

When planning to buy a walk-in box, it’s very important to understand that not all walk-in boxes are made the same. It will depend on the type of application and what you need a walk in box for that will be the determining factor for the different types of machinery, set up and other equipment. For the meat, flower and vegetable industry, you need to use a low velocity evaporating coil to be sure that the refrigeration system is not drying out the air and damaging your product.

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