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Premium Paneling provides high quality walk-in coolers, freezers, humidifiers and combination units at competitive prices. These installations are used for all types of cold storage such as restaurants, food service, manufactures, convenience stores, floral stores, grocery stores, warehouses, schools and financial institutions.


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Our walk-in units are constructed to the customer’s specific needs. Each panel is engineered to provide reliable and efficient assembly. All walk-ins are pre-assembled at our manufacturing facility to assure all locking mechanisms and panels join together efficiently. The end result is a quality, sealed walk-in unit when assembled at its final destination. Our panels are then packaged to ensure a safe arrival at your job site. With these unbeatable qualities and customization elements offered at reasonable prices, Premium Paneling is the best choice to fulfill all of your walk-in needs.

Our Products

Walk – INS Cooler, Freezer & Combo 

Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Our Walk – INS are greatly customization and are very easy to expand. We provide high quality polyurethane panels with a different thickness of the panels 4, 6, 8” with a different skin metals. From painted steel to stainless steel all our panels are foamed in place technology.  

We do not limit our product by standard sizes. We will make any walk – in cooler or freezer to feat our costumer’s space at a same low price.

We can provide full service from completed with installation and refrigeration hookup. All our installation team are trained by our factory specialists


cold storage warehouses

Cold storage warehouse and large cold storage or frozen storage are used to store large mount fresh or frozen for products. Use can provide panels or bulled complicate facility for you. The thickness of the panels and material finish can be different depending of o the application and costumer’s specification. Panel thickness and can vary from 4 to 10” thick and material finish can be different, painted steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Steal thickness very as well from 26 gauge to 18 gauge.

Panels can have different type of connections as well.

Cam-Lock system are most commonly used on the walk in boxes and we can manufacture panels with cam-lock system up to 40 Feet long. This system have many advantages. After installation and panels cam-lock assembly internal force of the locks are polling panels together. Forming tighter seal between a panels

Tong and groove panels are used to bulled large facilities. As this panels have different types of locking mechanism. After putting panels together that panels are held together with scows. There is no tension or force that pule panels together.

Blast Freezers, shock boxes & CHILLERS 

We manufacture different type is Blast freezers. Our smallest blast chiller-freezer is for the single rolling rack. We don’t have standard models as we make all our equipment specific for the customer needs and requirements. Starting from lay out, doors, flow, product type, product moister content, product properties and many more parameters that is going in to designing machine that will meet your requirements.

Contact us and we will provide you more details about our products, and spoliations for your blast cooling needs.

We partner with CoolTech Mechanical to provide us with costume refrigeration, control and other electronic components. To provide most powerful and efficient systems on the market today.  


Designee and manufacture different type doors.
Swing doors are most commonly used in the walk-ins and are more popular choice. We have flush mount door all different sizes and thickness. We can manufacture door thickness from 4 to 10” thick. We have different metal thanes and finish of the door.
Sliding doors are very commonly used on the larger openings. Sliding door are company used in a high traffic arias and with a larger walk-ins or Cold storages. We have electrical sliding doors. Our electrical sliding doors are Servo motor driven and have many advantages over regular motor system
Traffic doors are very commonly used in the production arias our traffic door are made with 2 metals, aluminum frame, foam in place insulating material and have stainless steal hinges.

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