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Premium Paneling provides high quality walk-in coolers, freezers and combination units at competitive prices. These installations are used for all types of cold storage such as restaurants, food service, manufacturers, convenience stores, florists, grocery stores, warehouses, schools and financial institutions.


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Our large size cold storage systems are one of the best in the industry. We provide complete solutions to our customers. We can also offer not only panels, but factory-trained installation teams for assembly at the customer’s facility. We also provide complete refrigeration and control systems along with remote access to them.     

Warehouse Cooler & Freezer

Our solutions for the large structure cold storage, preparation rooms or processing rooms are individuality selected for each and every costumer. We use different types of panels with different locking mechanisms, varying panel thickness, different metal thickness, finishes and metal types.

The panel thickness of the panels we offer are 4″, 5″, 6″, and 8”. The metal skin thickness use ranges from 26 gauge to 18 gauge. Metal types can be painted steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Metal finishes can be different as well ranging from smooth to corrugated and dimpled finishes. More information is available in the Panel section of the website.

  • Panels Cam-Lock or use Tongue-and- Groove
  • Hardware
  • Refrigeration system
  • Electronic controllers
  • Alarm system
  • Remote access
  • Installation
  • 7″ – 21″ touch screen 
Refrigeration Control
  • EEV’s Electronic expansion valves  
  • HMI capacitative touch screen
  • PLC control
  • Compressor speed control
  • Monitoring system
  • Electronic temperature reading
  • Condensing fan speed control

One of the most important factors in large cold storage facilities is the floor.

  • The floor has to be completed in the correct meter.
  • Wall panels have to stand on floor foam panels and NOT on concrete.
  • Moisture barrier has to be carefully considered.


For Cold Storage freezers, if your freezer is standing on the ground, it’s important to make sure the following factors are executed properly.

  • Under the floor you will need heaters to prevent moisture in the ground from freezing and expanding which care result floor breaks.
  • The baps from the panels and floor have to be correctly sealed with rubber
  • The concrete floor has to be separated from any other concrete in the facility or it will crack upon shrinking.
  • The frame under a door and footing in the concrete section under a door need to be completed in a special way.
  • Air dryness has to be carefully regulated to prevent damaging your product.

Control System

Our electronic control system allows us to achieve unprecedented efficiency while reaching over 140% performance over stock system.

Our electronic system is collecting information every second and laming correction to reach optimal performance and efficiency.

With us, you will get a customized system specifically built for your needs. It will have EEV’s to control refrigerant flow many times a second, A compressor speed controller will regulate compressor speed and compressor load depending on temperature demands. You will get an HMI touch screen to interact with the system. You will get PLC control that will process all the information and make necessary adjustments. You will get remote access from anywhere with an internet connection, as well as, many more features. We are constantly developing our system and many more features will be available in the future.

Main Screen

Main screen of the V1 controller. This system will give complete control over your system. 

Debug Screen

This is a debug screen that will let you see all the parameters of the system. From this screen, a technician can diagnose any problem with the system.  

Setup Screen

Setup screen will give technicians access to any settings and limitations of the system Some setup parameters will be available for system administrators.

Log screen

Logs screen will give you access to any data recordings such as temperature probes, amperage of the compressor, or compressor rotation speed. 

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