Premium Paneling provides high quality doors for walk-ins, cold storage application and operation facility doors. We are very proud of our door designs and ergonomics. We usetainless steel hardware for our doors.


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Our doors are constructed to our customers’ specification and needs. Every door is individually checked and verified. We manufacture a large variety of door types. You can contact us and let us know about your specific challenges and we will provide you with a solution. All our doors are 100% foam-in-place and do not contain any wood in them. Our doors have the same insulating ratings as our panels. When our costumers use Premium Paneling doors, they know they are getting the best insulating properties on the market.

Swing doors

We are very proud of our swing door designs. We use the same principals in manufacturing our doors as we use in our panels. We DO NOT use any woods on our doors. Every door has an internal steel frame of 1/8”-3/16″ thickness. We use reinforcement points for our mount door hinges and handles, as well as, any other point that is submitted to stress. Our door frames are welded steel and cover the complete door from top to bottom, They are completely welded and have no gaps.  The door frame that houses a door have the same metal reinforcement points as a door frame. We constrict our doors from steel, plastic for moldings and foam. All our doors have STAINLESS STEEL hardware. Any doors that are larger than 28” are equipped with a 3-stainless steel hinge system. Every hinge has gravity closing assistants and contain spring assistants. Spring tension can be adjusted on every hinge separately. Flush mount doors have hydraulic door-closing mechanisms. All of our doors are equipped with magnetic gaskets to insure perfect seals between a door and its frame.

All these factors ensure that Premium Paneling costumers have the best doors on the market.

Sliding Doors 

Different walk-ins are suitable for diriment types of applications.

When planning to buy a walk-in box, it’s very important to understand that not all walk-in boxes are made the same. It will depend on the type of application and what you need a walk in box for that will be the determining factor for the different types of machinery, set up and other equipment. For the meat, flower and vegetable industry, you need to use a low velocity evaporating coil to be sure that the refrigeration system is not drying out the air and damaging your product.

Traffic Doors

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